Thursday, March 24, 2011


Things are slowly but surely starting to come together. Most of the music and lyrics for my demo have been written, recording timeline looks progressive, and work is ... well... it's still just work. For those of you that DON'T know what I do, i'm currently a billing account rep. for a large kidney dialysis company. It's not really anyone's dream job but it couldn't have come at a better time for me.

I worked for AT&T for 2+ years and though I met a lot of great people and learned a lot of new things, that job also took away the one thing that I valued most: my time. The new job allows me to have the ever popular 9-5 schedule which allows me to utilize my evenings and weekends strictly for playing music, seeing family/friends, and eating mexican food.

So you can really get an idea of who I am, here's a breakdown: I was born in India. I moved to the US when I was 7. I've lived all over the place but would call Stewartsville, NJ my home. I started playing drums when I was in 8th grade. I started playing guitar shortly after. I've always LOVED to write. My favorite colors would be a toss up between blue and black. I religiously eat mexican food. I have big goals and a group of small, elaborate steps to achieve them. I'm single. I'm busy. I'm going to keep moving forward. I will never stop.

I'm currently working on a few different projects, all of which will gain their momentum when the time is right. I've started writing a book. Soon, I will be taking up photography, it's always been fascinating to me. I have an alternative/modern rock project, an indie/pop/rock project, and a electronic rock project that i'm working on. I am also in the process of starting a small software company that focuses on creating applications for mobile devices.

This year is a big year for me. I'm 23 and i'm in that stage of my life where I can't quite justify being a kid and don't get taken seriously enough to be an adult. This year, I want to get these projects off of the ground. Soon, I want to make more money than i've ever dreamt of making and create a legacy, early in the game. I want to enjoy my life while I have the ability.

I really do appreciate everyone that took the time to read this and support me in all of my endeavors. I don't particularly hold on to things out of sentiment but I will never forget the people that are/were there for me on my way to the top.

Keep on keepin' on.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


If someone was to ask you who you were, what would you tell them? Not your name or profession... but who you really are... what you are about. The answers to these questions are the drivers for your everyday existence. Without knowing who you really are, everything you say, do, feel, etc. could all mean nothing.

We are our surroundings. Society has stereotyped and molded every human being to be a contributive piece in it's ever changing puzzle. From what we think, eat, say, wear, agree/disagree upon, believe; we are all just engines to help keep this train running. For the ones that march to a different beat, they either get glorified or left behind. The glorified are still pieces of society's grand scheme of things, to maintain an even keel of reality. Without these non-conformists, our way of life would be obviously robotic. For the ones left behind, these are the true geniuses. Their opinions scare most because they require stepping outside of the fabricated comfort zone that your world has setup for you. Thinking that maybe there is just more to the truth than what you see in various publications of media. They don't believe in a box to have to think outside of it. Imagine having an empty canvas for a mind. A canvas than can never be tainted or altered without your absolute permission. A canvas that is truly controlled and painted by only your beliefs. How would that picture look?

That picture right there, is who you REALLY are.

I would love to say that my canvas is truly mine. So would millions of others. And for the most part, millions lie through their teeth everyday, pretending to be "their own person". I call bullshit.

We need to spend time to figure out who we are, what we are here for. I believe every single person has a purpose. It is society's job to lead you into a path that seems practical and will eventually keep the world turning. But it is your job to see through the bullshit of everybody's advise and follow your own. There are no take-backs in life. You need to work for what you want and once you get it, you better hold on to it with all of your power because in this world, someone will ALWAYS want it more than you.

I want music. I want to live music. Every single thing I do in my life revolves around my love for it.

In the following months, I will update this thread to the best of my ability. I am writing to show that if you believe in something enough, if you put in the time and effort, that it can be yours. I want this to be a chronicle of my way through the most challenging yet rewarding journey of my life.

I thank you for taking the time to read this.